Still alive and kicking

Hello people! It’s been quite a long time since my last post, during this time I’ve been quiet some things changed, I resumed my studies, but i’m still working as a freelance web developer. The absence of new posts is also due to the fact i’m developing my personal homepage, and i intend to move my blog there, but while it’s not done, i decided to keep posting stuff in here, and keep sharing :)

With this post i also want to announce that i released on github a few super-simple CakePHP plugins i’ve been using in the last years in some projects, some of them have not been much used lately, but they should work fine on any CakePHP 2.X app.

The released plugins are:

A plugin to provide application wide persistent editable settings support.
Sortable model records behavior for CakePHP.
CakePHP Plugin which provides some navigation related facilities.
JS Manager
Provides automatic inclusion of javascript scripts in CakePHP projects.
A simple behavior that provides database transactions control under CakePHP.
CakePHP support for multiple sets of model validation rules.

Currently there’s no documentation available on them, but i’ll take care of that in the next few days, as well as unit tests.

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